I'm excited to offer an array of online workshops this spring!

Sliding-scale cost is $15-20 per class or $55 for all four classes in the spring series. Flexible payment options are available if cost is a barrier.


All About Adaptogens

Thursday, April 8th

6-8 pm CDT

Daily life is full of stressors both big and small. Adaptogenic herbs (aka "adaptogens") can boost resiliency by aiding the body in responding to both short and long-term stress. Adaptogens can help the body resist fatigue, ease tension and anxiety, and improve memory and focus. Class participants will learn about different kinds of adaptogens, how they work, and accessible ways to use them.



Holistic Wellness for the Heart & Cardiovascular System

Sunday, April 11th

2-4 pm CDT

This class will discuss common cardiovascular conditions such as high blood pressure, dyslipidimia, and circulation issues. Class participants will learn about widely-used herbs for addressing cardiovascular concerns as well as holistic nutritional strategies for maintaining heart and circulatory wellness.



Herbal Support for Headaches & Migraines

Thursday, April 15th

6-8 pm CDT

Headaches and migraines are a very common and potentially debilitating wellness concern.This class will include information about different types of headaches - tension, cluster, migraine - and discuss herbal and other holistic strategies for prevention and addressing symptoms. Participants will be provided with sample recipes and herbal formulas as well as information about using herbs internally and topically to address symptoms such as pain, tension, nausea and hypersensitivity.



DIY Herbal Hand & Foot Baths

Sunday, April 18th

2-4 pm CDT

Hand and foot baths are a simple yet decadent addition to any self-care ritual and can be used to address various skin, circulatory, and musculoskeletal concerns. This class focuses on the healing power of hand and foot baths and will offer suggestions for customizing a hand and foot bath experience to meet a variety of wellness goals. This class will include a tutorial component and participants will receive a handout of sample formulas to try at home.



I'm excited to offer any of the following classes or design a custom class to meet your needs.

A sample of available classes includes the following:

  • Plant walks and botanical identification

  • Beyond Self Care: Herbal Possibilities for Resilient Communities

  • Nutritional Support for the Seasons

  • Herbs and Nutrition for Endocrine Balance and Thyroid Health

  • Mighty Microbiome: Mental Wellness and Fermented Foods

  • Herbal Allies for Grief and Trauma

  • Medicine Making 101: Tinctures, Salves, and Bliss balls

  • Medicine Making 201: Percolation, Cordials, and Emulsions

  • Herbal Allies for Memory and Cognition