I'm excited to offer an array of online workshops this spring. Each workshop topic is divided into two separate classes (one per week) in an effort to provide accessible "bite-sized" classes that fit into your busy schedule. 

Sliding-scale cost is $15-20 per class, $25 per 2-class module, or $100 for all classes in the spring series. Your contribution helps support my continued work as an herbalist, and allows me to offer free services to those who cannot afford to pay. If you are interested in attending a class, please email me to sign up and receive login information. If cost is a barrier, email me to discuss flexible payment options. 


Herbal Medicine for Sleep Support
Part 1: Wednesday, May 13th 7-9 EST: Science of Insomnia & Relaxing Nervines
Part 2: Wednesday, May 20th 7-9 EST: Adaptogens & Supportive Strategies

So many of us struggle with falling asleep, night-waking, and morning grogginess. The good news is that herbs can play a huge role in promoting restful sleep and stable daytime energy levels. Class participants will learn about the circadian rhythm, hormones that regulate sleep and wakefulness, and common herbs and nutritional strategies to encourage a nighttime of zzzzzzzs. 

Holistic Strategies for Respiratory Relief
Part 1: Sunday, May 17th 2-4 pm EST: Antimicrobials & Aromatherapy
Part 2: Sunday, May 24th 2-4 pm EST: Lung & Immune tonics 

These classes focus on common herbs to support the lungs and respiratory system. Participants will learn about lung tonics, antimicrobials, and other herbs with an affinity for the respiratory system. We'll discuss DIY strategies for incorporating these herbs into daily life through food, tea, and aromatherapy.

Herbal Bitters & Gut Health
Part 1: Wednesday, May 27th 7-9 pm EST: The Gut-Brain Connection & Intro to Bitters
Part 2: Wednesday, June 3rd -9 pm EST: DIY Bitter Blends

Bitter herbs are crucial for aiding digestion and addressing symptoms such as heartburn, nausea, and bloating. Bitters are also supportive to the nervous system for easing stress and tension. These classes explain the importance of bitter flavors and "the gut-brain-connection" and offers information on crafting your own customized herbal bitter blends. 

All About Adaptogens
Part 1: Sunday, May 31st 2-4 pm EST: Intro to Adaptogens 
Part 2: Sunday, June 7th 2-4 pm EST: Adaptogen Differentiation & Combos

Daily life is full of stressors both big and small. Adaptogenic herbs (aka "adaptogens") can boost resiliency as the body responds to short and long-term stress. Adaptogens can help the body resist fatigue, ease tension and anxiety, and improve memory and focus. Class participants will learn about different kinds of adaptogens, how they work, and accessible ways to use them. 


Herbal Allies for Moving Through Grief
Part 1: Sunday, June 14th 2-4 pm: Collective Framework & Herbal Allies
Part 2: Sunday, June 21st 2-4 pm: Flower Essences & Supportive Strategies

Herbs can support emotional wellness during times of  loss and isolation, to bring mental and emotional balance when dealing with feelings of fear, uncertainty, and grief. This class will highlight key herbs and how to use them to support personal and collective healing and transformation. 

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Interested in custom classes? See a list of available offerings. Note: All classes are currently web-based and require pre-registration.


I'm excited to offer any of the following classes, or design a custom class to meet your needs. I am willing to travel to do workshops and can book various venues based on interest and accessibility. 

A sample of available classes includes the following:

  • Plant walks and botanical identification

  • Beyond Self Care: Herbal Possibilities for Resilient Communities

  • Nutritional Support for the Seasons

  • Herbs and Nutrition for Endocrine Balance and Thyroid Health

  • Mighty Microbiome: Mental Wellness and Fermented Foods

  • Herbal Allies for Grief and Trauma

  • Medicine Making 101: Tinctures, Salves, and Bliss balls

  • Medicine Making 201: Percolation, Cordials, and Emulsions

  • Herbal Allies for Memory and Cognition


Instagram: @jay.bartel

(802) 552-0660

I am not a doctor and do not diagnose or treat diseases. I use herbs to educate and empower my clients. I recommend consulting a doctor before using any herbs or supplements, especially if pregnant, on medication, or lactating.

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