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I am not a doctor and do not diagnose or treat diseases. I use herbs to educate and empower my clients. I recommend consulting a doctor before using any herbs or supplements, especially if pregnant, on medication, or lactating.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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It was through reading Rebellious Mourning, an anthology edited by prolific organizer and author, Cindy Milstein, that I began to explore the role of grief and trauma in our personal and collective struggles against oppressive systems. It is with a collective framework in mind that this course about herbs and mental health is offered.

In this 4-day course, students will learn herbal, nutritional, and somatic approaches to address the stress, anxiety, depression, grief, and heartbreak. We will talk about how plants, whole foods, movement practices, and interpersonal relationships can help support mental and emotional wellbeing in both acute and long-term situations. This course approaches mental health from an anti-oppression framework which seeks to strengthen individual and collective resiliency in the face of systemic oppression and widespread environmental disaster.  It offers an introduction into concepts which "de-individualize" grief, trauma, anxiety, and depression and seek to build community resiliency through collective mourning and action.

Too many of us struggle due to ongoing legacies of abuse, colonization, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, sexism, and other interlocking forms of oppression. Together, we can cultivate mental and emotional care strategies that subvert the dominant mental health paradigms and the harm and power imbalances they reproduce.

Students will gain hands on skills making tinctures, infusions, cordials, tea blends, and aromatherapy preparations. We will cover herbal strategies used to address mental health in acute and long-term situations, and dive deep into the physiology, energetics, and specific indications for many common plants. Students will be asked to complete short reading and self-reflection assignments and participate in daily in-class discussions. Students will be given additional reading assignments and health autonomy empowerment exercises as dictated by their interests and capacity. For Philadelphia attendees, an embodied component to this class will be led by somatics practitioner, Rusti Poulette. This course is intended to be educational and adjudicative alongside other mental healing modalities such as professional counseling, pharmaceutical medication, movement, and family and community support, not a substitute for professional or peer-facilitated emotional support.

Through the course, students will be asked to self-reflect and self-study, and will come away with an increased understanding of holistic healing strategies might be incorporated into their personal and community emotional healing practices. This course is very much a "get out what you put in" style curriculum--there are no grades nor assessments. The course intends to make space for a diversity of learning styles and experiences, though class time is mostly lecture format with some accompanying slideshow presentations. There will be several assignments that allow for a deepening relationship with plants as well as opportunities to share a bit of your learning with the class, but there are no grades or certificate awarded upon completion. Students will be asked to build trust and vulnerability with one another, as much as is comfortable. Each class will begin with a discussion based on the assigned readings during which time students will be asked to reflect and share.

Spaces reserved for Black and Indigenous/people of color (BIPOC) in a small gesture to rectify the massive racial disparities in herbal education.

Scholarships available for any person of color with financial need, email for more info. Flexible payment plans and/or work study available based on economic need.Childcare available upon request.

This class meets four days [something about the specifics of time and schedule]. Please be sure you will be able to attend before registering.

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