"Jay was incredibly generous and insightful with their attention and investigation.  I could tell that they cared deeply about my health, and coming away from the consultations, I feel so empowered!" - Kevin 


"Jay is such a compassionate and knowledgeable herbalist! Their herbal formulas supported me throughout pregnancy and helped me enter the postpartum period feeling full of vitality. I am deeply grateful for Jay's excellent care and highly recommend them to anyone looking to support their mental, physical, and emotional health." - Claudia


"Jay has immense respect for my autonomy and has been SO GREAT at supporting my health goals affordably and accessibly. As someone with multiple chronic illnesses, chronic pain, trauma, and a number of prescription medications, I've appreciated Jay's ability to connect me with herbs to support my wellness plan. Jay's ability to fully hold the complexities of my health journey and support me along the way is unmatched."  - Ali



"My custom-made herbal products are amazing, and I use them regularly. This is one of the best things I've done for myself in a long while." - Jess


“I have never before received the generous practitioner time, deliberate thought, and care offered by Jay's holistic approach. I came to Jay after a number of poor healthcare provider experiences, and felt genuinely supported by their empathetic rapport and clear communication."  - Mollie 


"Jay made me feel comfortable from our very first meeting which allowed me to discuss all aspects of my health goals without feeling ashamed or nervous. After our initial visit, I was shocked at how drastically my immune health shifted after beginning herbal formulas and supportive strategies. More broadly, the care and suggestions Jay gave me after careful consideration of my history, lifestyle, and constitution have been incredibly valuable in living better. I sleep better, am more focused on nutrition in my diet, and have so much more energy!" - Sarah


"I've been impressed by the way Jay asks thorough, in-depth questions about my physical and mental wellness without being judgmental or intrusive." - Eric

Botanical illustrations by Aly Miller Designs


Instagram: @jay.bartel

(802) 552-0660

I am not a doctor and do not diagnose or treat diseases. I use herbs to educate and empower my clients. I recommend consulting a doctor before using any herbs or supplements, especially if pregnant, on medication, or lactating.

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